What is Tap & Go?

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Tap & Go allows you to initiate and pay for your charging session by tapping a debit card directly on the card reader terminal. This is a new feature that Evie is currently trialling on selected charging locations.


How does Tap & Go work?

To start a charging session, plug the connector into your car and then tap your debit card on the card reader terminal to authenticate the charge session. A pre-authorisation amount of $50 will be requested from your account. If this is accepted, the charge session will commence. If it is rejected, the charge session will not start.

After the connector is plugged in, there may be a short wait time of about 30 seconds until the credit card reader is ready.

Once charging is complete, or the car is charged to your desired level, tap the same debit card on the card reader terminal to deactivate the session. Then press the 'Stop' button on the charger. Unplug your car and return the connector to the holster.


How does pre-authorisation work for Tap & Go specifically?

A pre-authorisation amount of $50 will be temporarily held on your card. If the cost of your EV charging session is $35, you will see a $35 charge on your card once the EV charging session is complete, and the balance of $15 will be refunded to you. It will take approximately 2-3 days to process the refund. However, the exact time is dependent on your bank. If the cost of your EV charging session is $60, you will see a $60 charge on your card once the EV charging session is complete.


Do I need an Evie account to use Tap & Go?

No, you don’t need an Evie account to use Tap & Go. If you already have an Evie account, you can also use Tap & Go with a card that is different to the one saved in the Evie App. Note, if you choose to charge this way, Tap & Go pricing will apply.


How much does Tap & Go cost?

We’re offering customers choice and flexibility with a range of available payment options. Tap & Go offers simplicity for one-time transactions and is especially helpful for occasional users.

Tap & Go pricing is as follows:

  • 63c per kWh at fast chargers
  • 73c per kWh at super-fast chargers
  • 78c per kWh at highway ultra-fast chargers

If you choose to charge and pay via the Evie App or using an Evie Pass, you will access Evie account pricing.


Which cards are accepted for Tap & Go payments?

Tap & Go payments are accepted with debit cards only. Payments made with debit cards via Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay will also be accepted.


Is Tap & Go available on all Evie chargers?

To begin with, we are trialling Tap & Go at the following sites:

  • Belrose Home, NSW
  • Birkdale Fair, QLD
  • Collingwood, VIC


How do I access a tax invoice for my EV charging session when using Tap & Go?

As we are currently trialling Tap & Go you will need to contact Evie to request a tax invoice for any EV charging session using Tap & Go. This can be done by submitting a request and selecting the enquiry type as "Tap & Go - Credit/debit payment invoice request". You will need to provide:

  • The location you charged your car at
  • The date
  • The time
  • The amount you were charged for the session


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