How much does it cost to charge?

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A new Evie App was launched in July 2023. You can find support materials for the old app in Legacy App Resources

Charging prices vary from station to station and/or plug type due to differences in charging capability and energy prices in each jurisdiction. Always check the Evie app for up-to-date pricing by clicking on a site to view specific pricing for each connector.

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As an indicative guide, it should cost around $14 - $27 to charge a smaller vehicle or $27 - $47 to charge a long-distance vehicle. 

These amounts would of course be dependent on the type of vehicle you are charging and the location of the Evie charger. 

In the Evie App, you can filter for your maximum power, so you only see stations relevant to your charging needs.  

For more details on Tap & Go, click here.

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Note: If you remain inside the vehicle while it’s charging and use features like the AC, it will draw additional power from the battery. This increases the per kWh consumption, leading to higher costs as you reach your desired battery percentage.

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