The Evie Pass RFID Card

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The Evie Pass RFID card can be linked to your account via the Evie App so that you can start a charge without using your phone. This can be handy if you’re sharing your car or if there is limited mobile reception at your charging location.


Please note that to successfully charge with an RFID card, you must have a valid debit or credit card set up as your payment method in the app. 


Ordering an Evie Pass

A new Evie App was launched in July 2023. You can find support materials for the old app in Legacy App Resources

You will be asked if you'd like an Evie Pass when you sign up to the Evie App, but you can also do it later by following these steps:

  1. Sign in
  2. Select Profile in the bottom navigation bar
  3. Choose Evie Pass from the list


  4. Tap the "Order Evie Pass" button. You’ll be prompted to enter your address details and confirm your order.

    Evie Pass.png



Please allow up to 2 weeks for your card to be delivered.

Once you have received your Evie Pass in the mail you will need to link it to your account in order for charging to work. To do this simply:

  1. Return to the Profile page in the Evie App and choose "Evie Pass" from the list
  2. This time tap the "Activate Evie Pass" button

    Evie Pass.png

  3. You’ll be prompted to enter the 8 digit code on the your Evie Pass and tap "Activate Evie Pass"

Your Evie Pass will be ready to use as long as you have a valid debit or credit card set up as your payment method. Note: If you have Apple Pay or PayPal as your default payment method, the Evie Pass RFID card will not work.

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