How to sign up to the Evie App with a Password

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If you don’t have your email account on your phone or tablet to open a magic link - or if you find the idea of a link signing you in a little creepy - you can set up a password instead.

Just select ‘I’d like to use a password’ below the ‘Continue with Magic Link’ button.

If you're using an Apple device, just make sure you are not using the 'Hide my email' function. Sometimes our verification links get filtered out when forwarded to your real email address.


We’ll guide you through the requirements for your password as you set it up - and yes, you can use most password managers to create and store your password 🔐

Once you’ve set your password, we’ll send a verification link to your email. This link can be clicked on any device. We get you to verify your email because we want to be sure that we’ve got it right before we store or display any of your personal information.

If this process is a bit long-winded, you can sign in with your Apple or Google accounts in a matter of seconds (because you’ve previously verified your email with Apple or Google). 

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