I'm not receiving the email verification link to sign into the new Evie app

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If you're having trouble receiving our email verification link to sign into the new Evie app, follow these steps to troubleshoot:

  1. Check your Spam Folder and Filters
    Ensure that you don't have any filters set up, as this may cause the verification email to redirect to a different folder.
  2. Verify Corporate Network Settings
    If you are accessing your email from a corporate network, there might be network filtering in place that is preventing the verification email from reaching your inbox. In such cases, contact your IT department or network administrator to check if any restrictions are affecting your email delivery.
  3. Open the Link on the Correct Device
    When you receive the verification email, ensure that you are opening the link using the same device on which you initiated the signup process. 

Followed all these steps and still haven't received the verification email?

Use Your Apple or Google Account
If you have an Apple or Google account that uses the same email address associated with your Evie account, you can try signing in using your Apple or Google credentials. This will allow you to continue using Evie seamlessly, just like you would with your email account.

Use A Password
If you would prefer to use a password, you also have that option. Just open the Evie app, choose "Sign up with Email" and tap on the "I'd like to use password" link after you have entered your email address.

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