What vehicles are compatible with Evie chargers?

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Evie Networks offers three connector types:

  • Type 2 for (AC Charging Only)
  • CHaDeMo (DC Charging Only) 
  • CCS2 (DC Charging Only)

Most modern electric vehicles (EVs) are compatible with Evie DC fast charging, as it has become a standard feature in the EV industry. However, there may be a few exceptions or older models that do not support DC fast charging and (PHEV) Hybrid vehicles. It's important to check the specifications of specific EV models to determine their charging capabilities and whether they are AC-only or DC-compatible.

Certain (PHEVs) Hybrid Vehicles are not compatible with DC fast charging

In general, smaller electric vehicles or EVs with smaller battery capacities may not be equipped with DC fast charging capabilities (PHEVs). These vehicles are typically designed for shorter daily commutes or city driving, where slower AC charging overnight or at destination charging points is more common and sufficient.

Old models not compatible

Additionally, some early or niche EV models may not support DC fast charging due to older technology or limited charging infrastructure at the time of their release. However, as the EV market continues to evolve, more and more vehicles are being designed with DC fast charging compatibility.

Check Manufacturers Manual

To determine the charging capabilities of a specific EV model, it is best to consult the manufacturer's specifications, and user manuals, or contact the manufacturer directly. They will have the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the charging options available for their vehicles.

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