What to do if a plug is stuck in your vehicle and can't be removed?

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The plug is stuck - what to do?

This can happen at any charging station or at home when charging. It has two main causes:

  • There is a charge in progress, or
  • The vehicle has had an error preventing the release of the connector.

We recommend that you:

  1. Check that charging has stopped
    Each charging station has a stop button on it, press this and wait 30 seconds until the charger indicates that it's safe to remove the connector.

  2. Refer to the vehicle manual to locate the manual release
    There is a different process or place to manually release the plug for different makes and models. Make-specific locations are listed at the bottom of this article. Otherwise, try:
    • Locking and unlocking your vehicle;
    • Looking for a physical button located next to the connector port;
    • Looking for a physical latch located near the connector, either in the boot or under the bonnet;
    • Looking for an unlock function on the centre console or the vehicle's monitor;
    • Check the manufacturer's native mobile app.
  3. Contact our support team
    Call our team on 1300 463 843 our team will be able to offer a stop-and-release request remotely to be sent to your vehicle. If this fails, the vehicle has an error and is rejecting our request to release it n which is out of our control.

  4. Contact the manufacturer or roadside assistance
    If all the above attempts fail, you will need to consult with your vehicle manufacturer on how to manually force-release the connector.

Below are the locations of the manual release on different makes and models

  • Telsa (All)- Physical latch and rip-cord located in the boot of the vehicle, directly behind the charging port.
  • BYD (3) - Physical latch located inside the front side of the vehicle of the connector port as seen here.
  • MG (Essence) - Physical latch located inside the front side of the vehicle of the connector port as seen here.
  • Nissan (Leaf) - Physical screw located inside the front of the vehicle of the connector port as seen here (this requires tools to remove the cover panel as seen here to access it) or try tapping on the connector as seen in this video.

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 Watch a step by step explanation video for releasing a stuck CHAdeMO plug

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