Autocharge Incompatible Vehicles

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Early access to Autocharge was opened to a small number of Evie customers on 17th July 2024. If you can’t see Autocharge in the Evie App, stay tuned! It will be coming soon.

The good news is that less than 5% of Australian EVs are currently incompatible with Autocharge.

There are two reasons why your vehicle might be incompatible:

1. Incompatible Plug

Autocharge is only possible using CCS2 plugs; all vehicles with CHAdeMO are incompatible with Autocharge. Autocharge relies on a Combined Charging System (CCS) communications protocol to share your vehicle’s Media Access Control (MAC) address between your vehicle and the charger.


2. Incompatible MAC Address

Some vehicle manufacturers use dynamic Media Access Control (MAC) addresses as a security feature. A dynamic MAC address means that the address is either changed at regular intervals or shared across all vehicles of that make or model.

If you activate Autocharge on a vehicle with a dynamic MAC Address, there is a risk your account may be charged whenever that make or model is plugged in at an Evie charger. For this reason we do not allow vehicle models with dynamic MAC addresses to activate Autocharge.

Don’t worry if you’re unsure if this applies to your vehicle  When you enter your vehicle in the Evie App, we’ll tell you whether that specific make and model is incompatible with Autocharge.


My vehicle is compatible but I’m still having issues, what does this mean?

If you’re still having problems activating Autocharge even though you have a compatible vehicle it might be because another account has already activated this vehicle. Your vehicle can only be activated for Autocharge from one account.

If you believe your vehicle has been activated on another account in error please contact Evie Support.

It will not be possible to activate Autocharge on an account which has a failed payment. If there is a failed payment associated with your account please settle that payment in the Evie App and Autocharge activation will become available again.


Learn more about Autocharge here.

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