Paying with a voucher in the Evie App

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A new Evie App was launched in July 2023. You can find support materials for the old app in Legacy App Resources

If you have a voucher to use for payment in the Evie App you can add it by following these steps:

  1. Sign in
  2. Select Profile in the bottom navigation bar
  3. Choose "Vouchers" from the list


  4. Enter your unique voucher code. You will have received this via an email. If you'd like to start using your voucher immediately turn on "Use this voucher for charging" and tap "Add Voucher Code"

    Add Voucher.png

  5. Next time you go to charge you will see your voucher on the Start Charge page. Note, you will still need a payment method like a Credit or Debit card, Apple Pay or PayPal if your voucher is a percentage discount or your balance is running low.

    Pay with Voucher.png

  6. You can check your voucher balance at any time from the Voucher Details page in the Profile section of the app. If you'd like to stop or pause using your voucher you can set the "Use this voucher when charging" to off from this page.

    Voucher Balance.png

  7. You can also pause or swap between vouchers from the Start Charge page by tapping on the Voucher icon.

    Pay with Voucher.png

  8. From here you can turn off your current voucher so it wont be used to charge or swap to another voucher if you have more than one. Note: Only one voucher can be used per charge.

    Evie Voucher Off.png


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