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Why have we introduced pre-authorisation?

We've introduced pre-auth to help reduce fraudulent transactions on our network. Pre-auth is an established practice in other industries, such as accommodation and car rentals, and it's becoming more common across Australian EV networks.

You will have seen some information about the introduction of pre-authorisation when we launched it into the app and you can also see a reference to it every time you go to start a charge.

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What is pre-auth?

When we pre-authorise (pre-auth) a transaction through the app, we hold $30 on your card to help ensure no billing issues lead to account suspension. 

When you finish your charge, if it costs less than $30, the actual amount will be debited to your card, and the pre-authorised amount will be released. Depending on your bank's processing times, this may take 5-7 days to reflect on your statement. 

If your session costs more than $30, the final amount will be debited to your card, and the pre-authorised amount will be released, but again, it may take 5-7 days to reflect on your statement, depending on your bank's processing times.

We will not charge a pre-auth if you have an active Evie Charging Voucher added to your account.

What to do if your pre-auth fails?

Double-check that your card hasn't expired or has a balance below $30. If the issue persists, try adding a different card or another payment method.

Why was I charged twice?

It may be because your charge has exceeded $30, and we have charged the actual amount to your card. We release the initial $30 immediately, but your bank may take 5-7 days to reflect the adjustment on your statement.

While we release the pre-authorisation hold immediately, each bank has its own internal process and timeline for processing this. If you are concerned about a transaction, we recommend that you contact your bank for clarification.

What if I charge more than once in a day?

You will be charged pre-authorisation for each charge session.

What if my session failed?

If you cannot start a charge, we will release your pre-auth amount, but if you're paying with Apple Pay or Paypal, you may be required to make another pre-auth to restart the charge. We're actively working on improving this experience.

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