How to sign up to the Evie App with a Magic Link

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Signing up to the Evie App with a Magic Link is the most secure method of signing in with your email. It requires the person attempting to sign in to:

  1. Know your email address;
  2. Know the password to your email address to receive the magic link;
  3. Click the link emailed to you from the same device as the login attempt was initiated.

It also means you don’t have to remember another pesky password (or struggle to remember which letters are CAPS and lowercase ever again 🎉)!

But, you must - we repeat - MUST - open the link from the phone or tablet you initiated Sign Up/Sign In on; otherwise, it won’t work. And that’s to protect your information.

If you're using an Apple device, just make sure you are not using the 'Hide my email' function. Sometimes our magic links get filtered out when forwarded to your real email address.

If you don’t have your email on your phone (lucky you, we’re jealous), you can create a password or sign in with your Apple or Google account.


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