Station and connector status in-app (Legacy App)

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A new Evie App was launched in July 2023. Read more about the new Evie App.

The Evie app uses different terms to denote the station and connector status. So what does each term mean?

Station level

Available: The charging unit is vacant, with the option to use either the CCS2 or CHAdeMO connector.

Occupied: One of the connectors on the charging unit is in use.



Connector level

Available: The CCS2 or CHAdeMO connector is available to use. 

Occupied: The connector (e.g. connector 2/ CCS2) is in use.

In Maintenance: The connector (e.g. connector 1/CHAdeMO) is unavailable because the adjacent connector (CCS2) is in use.

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Most Evie sites don't have concurrent charging. This means if the CCS2 connector is in use, the CHAdeMO connector (on the same charging unit) can't charge at the same time. As a result, the CHAdeMO connector will show as 'In Maintenance' in the Evie app.

As soon as the CCS2 connector is returned to the holster, the status of the CHAdeMO connector will return to 'Available'.

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