How much does charging cost? (Legacy App)

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A new Evie App was launched in July 2023. Read more about the new Evie App.

Charging prices are set at a station level and can be viewed via the Evie Networks App after you select a station.


Ultra-Fast Charging (up to 350kW) pricing is 65c per kWh + 0c per minute while charging.

Super-Fast Charging (up to 150kW) pricing is 60c per kWh + 0c per minute while charging.

Fast Charging (up to 50kW) pricing is 50c per kWh + 0c per minute while charging.


Pricing can differ from station to station due to differences in charging capability and energy prices in the respective jurisdiction, so always check the app for up to date pricing.


RFID Cards

RFID cards are a convenient way to tap and charge on a regular basis.  As a promotion to celebrate the launch of our network RFID cards are currently free of cost.

Find out how to order one via the Evie Networks App.

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